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February 22, 2022

February 22, 2022, Spiritual Significance of 2-22-22

Connecting to the energy from the Universe and your intuition on 2-22-22

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Vision Boards

Creating Vision Boards and Inspiring Spiritual Practices

Best practices for creating a vision board and trusting the Universe!

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Healing Pain

A Journey and Practices for Physical and Emotional Healing

A unique and holistic approach to healing from physical or emotional pain.

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Ayurveda Spices

Balance your body, mind and spirit with Ayurveda healing

Ayurveda is a holistic system to help bring the body back into balance.

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Corporate Mindfulness Class

23 Daily Mindfulness Tips for Work and Personal Life

Integrating mindfulness to reduce stress and cultivate inner peace.

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yoga for shoulders strength

9 Strength Building Yoga Poses for Your Shoulders

Build strength, stability, foundation and balance in your arms and shoulders.

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COVID-19 lockdown learnings

Lockdown Learnings during COVID-19 Pandemic

Learnings from the COVID-19 lockdown that we can apply to our lives.

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Yoga Sutras of Patanjalis

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Deepening your yoga practice by learning the sutras and teachings of Patanjali.

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yoga for hips strength

6 Strength Building Yoga Poses for Hips and Hamstrings

Build strength, stability, foundation and balance in your hips and legs.

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yoga for tight hips

11 Simple Yoga Poses to Open and Stretch Tight Hips

Prevent injuries and future hip replacement by releasing tension from your hips.

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yoga mudras

9 Favorite, Healthy and Best Sonoma Wineries

Our top sustainable, organic and high quality wines, hand-crafted with love.

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yoga pranayama

3 Yoga Breathing Techniques to Reduce Anxiety

Breathing techniques that will help you to reduce anxious feelings.

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mindfulness and Buddhism

Mindfulness and its Connection to Buddhism

What is Mindfulness, and are we teaching mindfulness with authenticity?

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yoga mudras

7 Mudras for Chakra Balancing and Wellbeing

Mudras are energetic gestures that balance the flow of energy in the body.

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yoga for low back pain

11 Simple Yoga Poses To Reduce Low Back Pain

Do you experience low back pain? Perhaps if you spend a lot of time sitting down?

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Best Sonoma hotels

7 Best and Favorite Sonoma Valley Hotels

Our favorite Sonoma Wine Country hotels for a healthy, intimate or wellness getaway.

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stop procrastination

5 Tips to Stop Procrastinating Today

We all have times in our lives when we slip into a state of procrastination.

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costa rica

Live A Pure Life 'Pura Vida' in Costa Rica!

Combine a yoga retreat with a trip to the happiest country in the world!

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gratitude greetings

Gratitude Greetings for the Holidays

Giving and receiving gratitude, and finding the Yoga in your business.

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listening skills

9 Tips for Effective Listening Skills

Are you really listening to, and in tune with, your clients' unique needs and wishes?

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corporate retreat california

Decline of Employee Attention and a Possible Solution

Discover how a corporate retreat can increase productivity and team morale.

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running safety california

Top 3 Running Safety Gadgets For Everyone

Find out our recommended gadgets to stay safe when running.

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wetravel yoga tips

4 Ways to Take Your Yoga Practice On The Road

Learn tips for keeping your mind and body calm and balanced while traveling.

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injury free running tips

2 Important Running Tips To Run Injury Free

Would you like to prevent running injuries, run faster, further and with less effort?

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merry mindfulness yoga

Merry Mindfulness for the Holiday Season

How to stay Merry and Mindful in your business and in your life this holiday season!

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meditation for beginners

Simple Meditation Tips for Beginners

Did you know that meditation can literally change the grey matter in your brain?

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yoga retreats california benefits

7 Benefits Of Attending A Yoga Retreat

Do you lead a busy life and packed schedule, with little time for yourself?

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Yoga for Beginners Reduce Shoulder Pain

11 Simple Yoga Poses for Shoulder Pain

Do you have pain or tension in your shoulders from using your computer all day?

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yoga for beginners

7 Yoga Tips and Common Mistakes People Make

Are you practicing yoga correctly? Are you making mistakes that could cause injury?

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injury free chi running

ChiRunning Wisdom and Inspirations

Find out the latest ChiRunning techniques and wisdom from founder, Danny Dreyer.

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best yoga outdoors san francisco

Best Outdoor Yoga Award in San Francisco

We are thrilled to receive Best Outdoor Yoga Classes in the San Francisco Bay Area!

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Yoga Tips for Yoga Handstand

3 Tips For Handstand and Arm Balances

Learn 3 tips for mastering a yoga handstand by talented and inspiring yogi and teacher.

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Yoga for beginners and Yoga Tips

3 Tips to Creating a Stable Yoga Triangle Pose

When we are correctly aligned in Triangle Pose, our body creates three Triangles.

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Reduce Fear and Reduce Anxiety

5 Simple Techniques To Let Go Of Your Fear

Are you living your life in fear of something that might happen in the future?

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Running for Beginners Running Tips

3 Inspiring Books On Mindful Running

Would you like to feel that runner's high more often when you run, and in your life?

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Discover Your Purpose

How To Discover Your Purpose in Life

Have you ever wondered why you are here in this lifetime and what is your purpose?

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Love Languages of Love

The 5 Languages Of Love Discover Your Love

Discover which love language resonates with you and enhance your sense of love.

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Detoxing Tips

7 Best Ways To Detox Your Body and Mind

Have you been feeling sluggish or low on energy lately? Maybe it's time to detox!

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Quite Your Job

Best Way To Quit Your Job & Follow Your Dream

A few years ago I decided to quit my corporate job, after 16 years in tech.

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Follow Your Dream

Believing in The Future of Your Dreams

Aloha! I'm writing this from the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii, my dream location.

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