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Creating Vision Boards and Spiritual Practices

how to create a vision board
My 2022 Vision Board and Spiritual Practices

I'm writing this in January 2022 from Bodega Bay on the Californian coast. I'm so grateful for the spaciousness and openness of how I feel when I'm at the ocean. My body melts into a timeless space, I feel safe, grounded within my body, and connected to something greater than myself.

At our Body Flows yoga and wellness retreat last weekend we created vision boards. It was a powerful and creative process that organically emphasized some themes that I’ve been focusing on lately and continue to practice daily. I'm sharing my vision board (picture above and description below) with you in case some of this may resonate with you as well, and help you on your spiritual journey.

Finding Connection with nature, not only running or hiking and moving through nature but truly connecting more slowly, more mindfully and more deeply with the magnificence and energy of nature, listening to nature’s wisdom and drawing on the energy from nature, becoming one with nature.

Letting Go of Tension, both physical and emotional tension. As we let go of physical tension in our bodies we usually feel better emotionally, and when we let go of emotional tension we usually feel better physically. I’ve found that it’s all about finding the right balance between focusing on the physical versus emotional, Creating Space physically and emotionally, and what connects the two is the Subtle Energy body, which takes us beyond the mind and thoughts (which contribute to our emotional body), and beyond our physical body.

Practicing Self-Compassion, not judging myself or being hard on myself for doing something my ego wishes I had not done. Everything is as it's meant to be right here right now, and all actions taken in the past were done for a reason at that time, perhaps to learn and grow, and now we can make a choice to take a different action and move forward with wisdom, ease and compassion.

Connecting to Spirit by talking to my spirit guides who are always around us and guiding us, if we listen to our guides, our higher self. This practice has truly been amazing. I have finally felt a deep connection with my guides and been able to feel and hear them. Listening Softly is key as it helps us to listen without effort or judgment, and feel ease, softness and openness within our being while we are listening.

What practices have been helping you through this journey of transformation and awakening? I invite you to create a vision board that might inspire you in some way to tap into your inner guidance and wisdom.

How to Create a Vision Board
Pause, Listen, Create

Creating a vision board can be a journey of transformation and empowerment. The first vision board I created back in 2011 really shifted my energy as I became so inspired by the creations and ideas that were making their way onto my board. It's important to clear your mind before you start so that you don't have any preconceived plans or desires you're looking for. It's best if you can take a few minutes to meditate and relax the mind, so that you can remain totally open to whatever arises during the process. Another helpful tip is to focus on feelings rather than actions or objects. So instead of filling your vision board with objects you want in your life, or trips you want to take or things you want to do, focus more on the feelings that you want to feel.

Once you've created your vision board it's also important not to get too attached to the outcome or attached to what is on your board! The act of creating it and feeling the feelings of the things you desire is putting that energy out to the Universe. The next step is to Trust the Universe and let go of any attachments you have. Some people even burn their vision board shortly after creating it. This helps them to let go of any attachment to the outcome! Trust that the Universe is taking care of you and guiding you towards whatever is for the highest good for yourself and others.

Most importantly, have fun during the creative process and enjoy the journey of creating your vision and your life!

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Author: Sally Mitchell, founder of Body Flows Yoga Retreats and RYT 200 Yoga Teacher leads yoga retreats in the USA, Mexico and Costa Rica. Living in beautiful Sonoma, California, after 15 years in NYC and San Francisco, her approach as a leader and teacher is holistic, balanced and grounded. She enjoys studying and practicing Yoga and Buddhism, hiking and trail running in nature, traveling, writing and inspiring others to live a more spiritual and meaningful life.

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