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Yoga Retreat FAQs

Yoga Retreat FAQs

Can I pay using a payment plan?

Yes! We offer payment plans to fit your needs! Our standard payment plan is $200 deposit for US retreats and $500 deposit for overseas retreats, then the balance is due either 2 or 3 months prior to the retreat, depending on the retreat location. If you would like to request a custom payment plan for financial reasons, please email us and we will provide you with the options available, based on your situation and how close to the retreat it is at that time.

Can I pay for the whole room and squeeze additional people into the room, by sharing beds?

No. We’re sorry this is not permitted. All prices displayed on our website are per person, not per room. It is not possible to add additional people in a room due to max number of people permitted by the venue and permitted for meals and yoga.

Is there a minimum age to attend?

Yes. All participants must be 21 or over.

Can I bring pets or animals?

No. Pets are not allowed. The only animals that are allowed are certified service animals, accompanied by a person with a disability.

Can I have friends or family visit during the retreat?

No. It is not possible to have family members or friends, who are not part of the retreat, attend for part of the retreat. They are welcome to register for the full retreat if they would like to attend!

Is a Body Flows Retreat similar to a Spa Resort?

No. Our retreats are held at gorgeous and rustic rereat centers in nature. These locations are not hotels nor spa resorts.

Are the rooms single sex or shared male/female?

All our rooms are single sex. Since most of our attendees are women, our rooms are female-only unless a male is sharing a room with a partner or friends he is signing up with.

Is transport to and from the retreat included?

No. We do not provided transport or transport assistance to and from the retreat. We do provide driving directions to the retreat location to all attendees a few weeks prior to the retreat.

Can you coordinate car pooling?

We do not coordinate car pooling. However, if you email us at least 1 week prior to the retreat, we can share your contact details with the other attendees and if they would like to help you out and car pool, they can conact you directly.

How do I get to the retreat?

On each retreat registration page, the nearest airports are listed, as well as the address to the retreat center location. Driving directions will be provided a few weeks prior to the retreat. For our Sonoma County retreats, you may fly into SFO, Oakland or Sacramento airports. It is recommended to rent a car at the airport and drive to the retreat center because there is no public transport that takes you directly to the retreat center. Alternatively, you could use the Airporter Express bus from SFO or Oakland airports and get off in Petaluma or at the Sonoma County Airport in Santa Rosa, then get a taxi to the retreat center. You can find the schedule for the Sonoma Airporter Express bus here.

How many people usually attend a Body Flows Retreat?

For our Sonoma retreats at Westerbeke Ranch, we often have exclusive use of the ranch or retreat center, and when we do, we can usually take 30-40 people. So when these retreats fill up, we have max 40 people. At Wilbur Hot Springs and Lotus Feed Farm, we take 24-30 people. At our overseas retreats to Costa Rica, Mexico, Hawaii and other locations, we usually take 10-20 people.

I'm new to yoga. Will the retreat be suitable for me?

Yes, we often have total beginners and we believe they do feel comfortable. We provide options and modifications for all levels, so more experienced yogis feel challenged, and beginners feel safe and supported. As long as you are physically able to practice and do some poses, we believe you will benefit from the yoga and the retreat. We also lead guided meditations which are obviously available for everyone.

Most of the photos on the website are women. Are men allowed?

Yes! Men are allowed at most of our retreats. Our Hot Springs Retreats at Wilbur Hot Springs are always women only. However, our other retreats are mostly co-ed. The majority of our customers end up being women, hence the women in the photos. We do sometimes have couples attend during our longer overseas retreats and our holiday weekend retreats. Men are always welcome unless the retreat specifically says 'women-only'.

What is the difference between a retreat and a workshop?

We like to think of a 'retreat' as being more of an experience, with the goal of shifting a state of being within yourself, by taking time away from your busy day and reflecting inwards. The practices of yoga, meditation, and nature assist in enhancing this retreat experience. A 'workshop' is more of a learning or training session, where you will learn specific tools and tips and receive information that will help you in some way. In a workshop, it's helpful to take notes and use your mind to remember information. At a retreat, we believe it's more important to relax the mind, not take notes, and merely be open and experience 'being in the flow'. Our intention at Body Flows Retreats is to shift your state of being and consciousness by relaxing your mind and thoughts, not load up your mind with more information :)


For any further questions, please email us via our contact page.