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Live A Pure Life - Pura Vida!

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Combining a Yoga Retreat with a trip to Costa Rica, a beautiful location in nature is the perfect recipe to help you relax, recharge and renew. Costa Rica has become extremely popular as a yoga retreat destination due to its natural beauty and biodiversity, outdoor adventures and activities, and it's happy and positive and vibe, Pura Vida!

Pura Vida translates to 'pure life' and is a common phrase in Costa Rica used by locals, and can mean hello, goodbye, thank you, and much more. It effectively means 'everything is great and life is good'. What a great way to live life each day! This positive attitude, Pura Vida, aligns very closely with yoga philosophy, which is all about being happy and content with what is, and living life authentically and purposefully. One of the yoga spiritual observances that make up the eight limbs of yoga, called Saucha, literally means purity. This includes purity, clarity and cleanliness of mind, speech and body, the outer body and the inner mind. Yogis are all about living a pure life!

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Named 'The happiest country in the world', Costa Rica has a passion for freedom, democracy and equality. This inspiring and progressive culture attracts many tourists, travelers and of course yogis to visit. The ultimate goal of yoga is to reach enlightenment, which is freedom from all suffering in the mind, and finding your inner peace and joy. What better place to practice yoga and continue on this journey towards pure peace and joy, than the happiest country in the world!

During a yoga retreat, there are often two yoga classes per day. First thing in the morning upon rising and before breakfast as it's typically recommended to practice yoga on an empty stomach, and early evening before or after dinner. This leaves plenty of free time during the day, either for self-reflection, journaling, meditation, or to explore the beautiful country and take advantage of all the fun outdoor activities and adventures.

With many different micro-climate zones, and the greatest density of biodiversity of species in the world, Costa Rica has something for everyone. You can explore the lush rainforests and jungles with high levels of precipitation and lots of living vegetation, or take a jungle tour in the hot and dry cloud forest. Costa Rica is famous for canopy ziplining, where you are literally amongst the vegetation and forest. As well as it being a thrilling experience, you'll appreciate the vastness and denseness of the jungles and rainforests.

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Surfing and other water sports are popular on the Pacific coast, where many tourists enjoy the tropical beaches and ocean, and a little well deserved R&R. You must visit Arenal, the most famous active volcano in Costa Rica. It's common to see lava pouring down the side after eruptions. Other popular day trips and activities include visiting hot springs and geysers, bird-watching, horseback riding, kayaking, mountain biking, whitewater rafting, working on an organic sustainable farm and lots more.

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Thanks to the rich volcanic soil, Costa Rica is also well known for gourmet coffee beans and cacao beans. Since cacao beans, an amazing superfood, are found natively in the jungles, it's no surprise that the jungle animals are happy, and that Costa Rica has some delicious and healthy chocolate. So even if yoga is not your focus, you may enjoy the high quality coffee and chocolate!

costa rica kayaking

If you're interested in visiting Costa Rica, taking some time away from your busy life, and practicing yoga this Spring, Body Flows is leading a wonderful Yoga Retreat at the stunning AHKi Retreat Center in April 2018.

AHKi is an intimate yet spacious yoga retreat destination, nestled amongst 5.5 acres of nature, lush, green mountainsides, blue ocean waters and lots of sunshine. It's the perfect destination to totally relax, rejuvenate and recharge. As remote as it sometimes feels, it's just minutes away from the world-famous Nosara beaches, surfing, zip-lining, nature hikes, shopping, restaurants and more. Body Flows will have exclusive use of the AHKi retreat center for the full week, with maximum 18 attendees, and a private shuttle and driver for day trips and excursions around the island. It's going to be a fun and relaxing trip! Read more about Body Flows Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica and the leader and founder of Body Flows, Sally Mitchell.

"AHKi Costa Rica, an intimate retreat, where your soul can breathe" - founder of AHKi.

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