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Corporate Wellness Programs

Studies have shown that company wellness programs and mindfulness training create higher job satisfaction, enhance teamwork and collaboration, and help create healthier work environments.

In today's fast-paced, digital world, employees are working longer hours, taking fewer vacations, traveling more frequently for business, and spending numerous hours in front of a computer screen. As a result, it is even more important to integrate wellness and mindfulness into a company's work environment.

Employees who are healthy, calm, mindful and clear-headed are generally more creative, more productive and demonstrate more enthusiasm for their work, reducing staff turnover and increasing productivity.

We offer a variety of wellness classes and services, either as one-off sessions at a company offsite or retreat, or as a regular weekly or monthly class.

  • Mindfulness, Meditation and Breathing Classes
  • How to be Mindful at Work Presentation and Workshops
  • Yoga and Chair Yoga Classes for all levels
  • Chair Massage in your office or at your event or retreat
  • Nutrition and Healthy Eating Workshops
  • ChiRunning Natural Running Form Workshops
  • Wellness Walks in the city or nature
  • Corporate Retreats and Offsites

Mindfulness Training and Classes

We offer Mindfulness Talks, Classes and Workshops, including sessions on: About Mindfulness, Mindfulness Meditation Practice, Breathing Techniques, and Practical Ways to Integrate Mindfulness into a Busy Daily Schedule. Our intention is to help you and your employees experience and enjoy being Mindful with a balance of effort and ease.

Mindfulness Training Mindfulness At Work

Thales Teixeira, an associate professor at Harvard Business School and the publisher of Economics of Attention, says "The cost of attention is the most dramatic business expense increase in the last 25 years." He calculated that the cost of attention has increased 7 to 9-fold in real terms since 1990. He also quotes in a recent Harvard Business School study that "there are only two ways to capture attention; it can be purchased or it has to be earned."

We help our clients improve employee attention and focus through learning, practicing and integrating mindfulness into their daily life. Our intention is to empower each individual to tap into their true potential and live each moment with greater intention, finding more clarity on how they can contribute and add value to the team, whilst collaborating more effectively with others.

"Mindfulness is awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally. It's about knowing what is on your mind." - Jon Kabat-Zinn

Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation
  • Reduces stress and overwhelm
  • Provides calmness and balance
  • Improves focus and concentration
  • Improves decision making and clarity
  • Enhances productivity and team work

"Sally was a great addition to our recent corporate offsite retreat. Her experience and background in business as well as the wellness worlds made her story even more relatable and impactful. It was important to our team to bring in some outside perspective and activities that could push us out of our day to day conversations to inspire, motivate and connect. Her participation was a very key part of our day and I would recommend her highly." - Alyse Courtines, VP MKTG, October 2018

Corporate Retreats and Events

We lead day or multi-day company offsites and retreats and events, partnering with a variety of venues in Sonoma Wine Country and around the San Francisco Bay Area. We can also come to your location or your own event and lead any wellness sessions at your own offsite. Treat your employees to a healthy, mindful and enjoyable company retreat, blending elements of mindfulness, yoga, nature and wine tasting if you choose! Our theme for corporate retreats is Connect, Collaborate, Create. We will work with you to design a unique experience for your group. Read more about our Corporate Retreats here.

Sonoma Corporate Reteat Team Building Activities

Wellness Walks

If you are not ready for a full day offsite or retreat, we love arranging 2-4 hour Wellness Walks, integrating Mindfulness, Meditation, Breathing, and some Yoga Postures during the walk. We can lead Wellness Walks near your office or at a beautiful location in nature. There are many beautiful trails around the San Francisco Bay Area and Sonoma and Napa Wine Country for our Wellness Walks.

Sonoma Corporate Reteat Team Building Activities

Office Yoga or Chair Yoga

We offer yoga or chair yoga classes for all levels in the comfort of your office, a nearby park or rooftop or at your offsite event or retreat. We can work with you to create a custom program, that may include weekly, biweekly or monthly classes or sessions, or one-off events.

Office Yoga San Francisco Yoga At Work

Our yoga classes are suitable for all levels and are custom tailored for your employees' needs, including stretching, strengthening, breathing and meditation.

Focusing on conditions caused by sitting at a desk and working at a computer, such as neck, shoulder, back and wrist pain, your employees will go back to work feeling more grounded, calm, relaxed and productive.


"Sally is a great Yoga teacher and perfect in a corporate setting! She knows how to work with all levels, without making anyone feel lost or bored. She also has class "Themes" so you know what the goal of each day's practice is. Great way to keep your employees happy and healthy!" - Mia

Office Chair Massage

Corporate Chair Massage San Francisco Bay Area.

Taking 10-20 mins away from the computer and receiving a chair massage can not only help relieve aches, pains and tension, such as back and neck pain, wrist, hand and jaw tension and headaches and migraines, but also your employees will likely feel less stressed, happier, more productive and more positive when they return to their desk.

Using a variety of therapeutic, sports massage, acupressure and shiatsu techniques, Body Flows chair massage is unlike any chair massage you may have experienced before.

This is truly a therapeutic massage on a chair!


Our Clients

We have worked with the following clients in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Sonoma Community Foundation, Demandbase, Tradeshift, MKTG, Guidebook, LightHouse for the Blind, FitApproach, Taulia, RocketSpace, Livefyre, MeCommerce, Peek, MongoDB, and FactSet.


"Sally is a great Yoga teacher and perfect in a corporate setting! She knows how to work with all levels, without making anyone feel lost or bored. She also has class "Themes" so you know what the goal of each day's practice is. Great way to keep your employees happy and healthy!" - Mia G, Marketing Manager, Livefyre

"Sally really made our department's off-site and bonding event a memorable one! With her strong attention to detail, warming attitude, and thoughtful activities, she created such a positive environment for us all to have a wonderful experience to collaborate together and get to know each other at a different level. Sally made the experience a great venue to bring our team together in a positive way. The location, food and activities made for a perfect corporate offsite." ~ Lisa Capper, Area Director of local healthcare company, 2016

"Sally led us through a truly special day for our staff retreat that included mindfulness, stress reduction, yoga, hiking and time for group and self reflection. I have been both a leader and participant in over 20 staff retreats over the years and this one was, hands down, the best. Our team left refreshed and better connected and we have built in some of the themes from the day into our organizational culture. I would highly recommend Sally and Body Flows for a staff retreat." ~ Elizabeth Brown, President and CEO, Community Foundation Sonoma County, 2016

"Sally's yoga class is amazing. She understands the stresses (to both body and mind) of working in an intense corporate environment, and therefore, focuses on working to alleviate these pressures through her class. She has a humongous wealth of knowledge, and works with all levels to tailor each yogi's practice to their ability. It's a wonderful way to re-center yourself during a hectic work week, and feel aligned and positive for the remainder of day!" - Virginia, Account Manager, Livefyre




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