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Online Yoga Retreats in the Comfort of Your Home!
Online Day Retreats will be offered throughout the year
Upcoming Dates: Saturdays April 11, April 18, April 25, 2020
Cost: $50 per person
with Sally Mitchell (Yoga Teacher, Meditation Leader and Integrative Health Coach)

Connect with like-minded, conscious living yogis and friends online, from the comfort of your home, for our online yoga retreat. Using Zoom video conferencing, we will livestream yoga classes, guided meditations, mindfulness and living your purpose workshops and more. Let's gather together at this time of "social distancing" and "shelter in place" and support each other physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This is a time to cultivate and share even more light, love and wisdom with everyone around the world. We'll Move, Breathe, Balance and Flow together online.

Unable to travel to a retreat in person? Our Online Retreats are the perfect alternative!

For our online day retreats, the morning yoga class will be Vinyasa Flow Yoga for all levels, linking movement with the breath for an energizing yet relaxing flow. With creative and balanced sequences, strengthening and lengthening, detoxing and pranayama, you will experience a strong, safe and supportive practice. Modifications and options will be provided for different abilities. You'll have the opportunity to play with some backbends, arm balances, and inversions if you choose, and cool down with some deep stretches to restore the body and mind. The afternoon yoga class will be Yin/Restorative Yoga. All levels are welcome. The full day schedule is below.

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Client Testimonial: "Sally's retreat was more than what I was expecting! She is a kind, calming, and a knowledgeable human who does a fantastic job. The space was beautiful and I'd highly recommend one of Body Flows retreats! The essential oil workshop was super fun, interactive, and gave us a chance to learn about how essential oils might help in our respective lives. The food was delicious, as was the wine! Highly recommend!" - Holly N, April 2019


  • 2 yoga classes (1 Vinyasa Flow Yoga Classes and 1 Yin Yoga Class)
  • 2 workshops - Mindfulness Tips and Cultivating Mindful Relationships, Discover Your Purpose, Eight Limbs of Yoga and Yoga Sutras, ChiWalking/ChiRunning Overview, Ayurveda and Nutrition, Pranayama (detailed schedule for each date is below)
  • Guided Meditation and Yoga Nidra
  • Free time with recommended activities to practice, either alone or with a loved one, such as mindful walking in nature, journaling, meditation, reflection
  • The yoga classes will be recorded and shared with you after the retreat for your own personal use.

Client Testimonial: "I am so grateful I attended this retreat. The weekend was truly incredible. Sally is a fantastic teacher and lovely human. She creates and holds space for everyone to get what they need from the weekend. Her cues in the yoga classes were spot on and incredibly helpful and the guided meditations were really wonderful. I can't wait for my next retreat!" ~ Susan S, September 2019

"Sally's Body Flows retreat was more than what I was expecting! She is a kind, calming, and a knowledgeable human who does a fantastic job. Highly recommend!" - Holly N


In the Comfort of Your Home!

We will meet on Zoom video conferencing. Once you have registered below, you will be sent a link to sign up for the Zoom video meeting.

Your Leader

Sally Mitchell, RYT 200 Hour Yoga Teacher, Certified Massage Therapist, ChiRunning and ChiWalking Instructor, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Sally Mitchell Yoga Teacher Sally Mitchell Yoga Teacher

Sally is an inspiring teacher and healer, sharing with others the practices that have helped her to heal her own body and discover a path of transformation and greater self awareness.

Growing up in Scotland, Sally has been an athlete since childhood, always loving movement and fascinated by the human body, the power of the mind and the greater Universe. She is grateful to have the opportunity to inspire others to live a healthier and happier life and awaken to their inner desires and purpose, through the gifts of yoga, meditation, reflection, mindful movement, massage, energy healing and essential oils.

She looks forward to meeting you and being a part of your spiritual journey. Read more about Sally.


All times are PST Pacific Standard Time.

  • 9.00am - Welcome and Opening Circle
  • 9.30am - Vinyasa Flow Yoga and Guided Meditation
  • 11.00am - Break (herbal tea, healthy snack, fresh air)
  • 11.30am - Workshop - (April 11 - Yoga Sutras and the Eight Limbs of Yoga, April 18 - Mindfulness and Cultivating Mindful Relationships, April 25 - Ayurveda Practices and Nutrition)
  • 12.30pm - Break (mindful walk, journal, meditate, reflect, lunch)
  • 2.30pm - Workshop - (April 11 - Pranayama Practices, April 18 - Discover and Live Your Purpose, April 25 - Yoga Philosophy Talk)
  • 3.30pm - Break (herbal tea, healthy snack, fresh air)
  • 4.00pm - Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra
  • 5.15pm - Closing Circle and Reflections
  • 6.00pm - End

What To Prepare

Please prepare your space at home with the following: Yoga mat, comfortable and loose fitting clothes, block (or shoebox or stack of books), strap (or belt or towel), cushion or blanket, laptop or mobile device with microphone and video, and please be in a room with strong Wifi.

Cost and Sign Up

All prices are per person.

All participants must be aged 18 or over. Limited Availabilty.

Online Day Retreat - $50 per person


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"Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self." ~ The Bhagavad Gita