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"To keep your body in good health is a duty. Otherwise we will not be able to keep our mind strong and clear" - Buddha


Body Flows' mission is to inspire greater health, wellness and peace within. When we live from this inner space, we naturally connect to our deeper purpose and our heart desires.

Our mantra, Move, Breathe, Balance, Flow symbolizes Moving our bodies with more ease, Breathing more deeply and more freely, finding more Balance in our lives and in our yoga practice, and discovering our inner state of natural Flow.

Body Flows leads Yoga, Wellness and Nature Retreats in beautiful and relaxing locations all over the world, sharing the practices of yoga, meditation and mindful movement and inspiring reflection, connection, inner peace and fun, connecting like-minded yogis and friends.

Body Flows Retreats began in beautiful Sonoma Wine Country in 2014 and has led over 100 retreats worldwide, expanding the journey to exciting travel destinations, as well as encouraging the inner journey within.

We love working with groups such as companies, bachelorette parties, family reunions and friend gatherings, and customizing private retreats, including activities such as yoga, mindfulness, meditation, massage, natural ChiWalking/ChiRunning, guided hikes or runs, Reiki energy healing and more!

We look forward to helping you take your practice to the next level, live from your heart and feel your body flows!

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Sally Mitchell is the founder, leader and teacher at Body Flows.
Sally Mitchell Yoga Teacher Sally Mitchell Yoga Teacher

Sally's intention in creating Body Flows in 2010 was to share her knowledge and personal experience of the practices that have helped her heal her own body and discover a path of transformation and greater self awareness, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

After 20+ years working in technology in the corporate world in London, New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area, Sally followed her heart and started teaching yoga in San Francisco in 2010. Ever since taking her very first yoga class in NYC in 2001, a power yoga class at the local gym, Sally knew she was meant to share this practice and exprience with others. Inspired by her first teacher, who had a unique combination of presence, mindfulness and strength, she felt her heart open in a way she had never experienced previously. Deep inside her heart she knew she was meant to teach yoga and help others feel this way too. There was no doubt. It was a clear message from the Universe, a deep knowing.

Sally has been an athlete since childhood, growing up playing field hockey and other sports. Her athletic background led her to begin training and racing as a competitive triathlete and runner while living in NYC, qualifying for Boston marathon and the World Triathlon Championships for olympic and 70.3 distances. After experiencing multiple injuries, she found that yoga, meditation, mindfulness, massage and other holistic healing modalities were crucial in finding balance in body, mind and spirit.

In 2005 Sally learned natural, injury-free ChiRunning and once again experienced a moment of deep knowing that she was meant to share this with others. ChiRunning immediately resolved her knee pain, and she became a ChiRunning and ChiWalking Instructor in 2010.

Sally's triathlon coach, Anthony Carillo, the founder of Iron Yoga, one of the first yoga with weights practices, created in 2005, inspired her to become a Master Iron Yoga Teacher in 2011. As well as teaching Iron Yoga classes, Sally manages and teaches the Iron Yoga Teacher Training Classes. Iron Yoga is a strong yet mindful practice that combines power yoga postures with light/moderate dumbbell weights for upper body weight training. With slow and controlled movements, matching movement with the breath, connecting mind with breath, muscle and movement, Iron Yoga is an amazing practice, available for all levels, and combines the balance and focus of yoga with the strength and focus of weight training, connecting mind, body and soul.

While teaching a volunteer yoga class to blind members of the Lighthouse for the Blind in San Francisco, 2011-2015, Sally was invited to teach yoga, ChiWalking and give massage to their blind members at their retreat center in Napa. This was the start of Body Flows Retreats. The first Body Flows retreat in February 2014 felt like a journey of connection, transformation and healing, and once again Sally heard a clear message from the Universe that this was her purpose, bringing people together to share yoga, meditation, healing, to connect with nature and their inner self more deeply.

Grateful for all her teachers, mentors, colleagues and learnings over the years, she is now passionate about sharing the teachings and gifts of yoga, meditation and bodywork with her clients, inspiring growth and transformation, as well as creating a community of like-minded individuals at Body Flows retreats.

Sally's approach as a leader and teacher is holistic, balanced, mindful and grounded. Her teaching style is strong, supportive and safe, integrating movement, alignment, breath and stillness, for a mindful and balanced flow practice.

Sally's yoga and wellness certifications include Yoga Alliance E-RYT200 Registered Yoga Teacher (with Vidya Heisel, founder of Suryalila Retreat Center in Spain), Advanced Raynor Therapeutic Massage (with founder Brandon Raynor), Reiki Energy Healing and Breathwork (with Rohi Custage and Jennifer Brinn), ChiRunning and ChiWalking (with Bryn Randolph and founder Danny Dreyer), Iron Yoga (with founder Anthony Carillo) and Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching.

Sally is also an essential oil educator and often integrates the healing essential oils during yoga retreats, workshops, meditation and bodywork, particularly for chakra balancing.

In her spare time Sally enjoys practicing and studying yoga, hiking and trail running in nature, cycling, traveling, reading, writing and inspiring others to live a more spiritual and meaningful life.

Sally Mitchell Yoga Teacher Sonoma Sally Mitchell ChiRunning Instructor


Body Flows is thrilled to be featured and highlighted in many well known publications online and printed, including Shape Magazine for Women, CBS Local SF Bay Area, Runner's World, Women's Day, Travel Mag, Culture Trip,, and more. Read articles here.


Body Flows is based in Sonoma, California and leads yoga retreats in California, Sedona Arizona, Hawaii, Mexico, Scotland, Santorini Greece and more locations coming soon!