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Body Flows Yoga Retreat Testimonials

Body Flows Retreat Testimonials

We are so grateful to continually receive positive feedback and gratitude from our yoga retreat attendees. Our heart opens every time we realize the positive transformation and impact our retreats have on people's health, well being and their lives in general. Many of our clients have attended multiple Body Flows yoga retreats, as they enjoy coming back for more relaxation, connection and a wonderful community. Namaste and much love and gratitude, from Body Flows.

"Great retreat, very peaceful and calming at a time when my husband and I needed it. Sally created an environment that was challenging yet stress free for all levels. We made lots of friends from all over the country and other countries, everyone one was friendly and it seemed such a spiritual fit for all." - Josephine, Nov 2017

"Sally's Gratitude retreat in Sonoma, CA was just the medicine I needed. She is kind, knowledgeable, encouraging and has a calming presence. The yoga classes were blissful, some challenged me mentally and physically and others allowed me to dive into a deep relaxation (thank you yoga nidra) the group was open and so friendly! I truly enjoyed my stay and am grateful to have been able to attend and be a part of this experience. Thank you Sally and new friends!" - Kelley, Nov 2017

"Body Flows was my first yoga retreat, and I don't think I could have picked a better beginning. I felt welcome, empowered, open, and challenged all in one. It was an unforgettable experience of strength and reflection, plus a reminder that taking time to rediscover oneself truly makes the world better for everyone else." - Stephanie, Sept 2017

"Sally's Body Flows retreat was a wonderful blend of yoga, guided meditation, yummy food, and quiet solitude. I would recommend this weekend get a way to anyone looking for a moment to themselves surrounded by beautiful scenery and good company." - Naomi, Sept 2017

"The fall equinox retreat was wonderful. This was my first experience with a yoga retreat and I will definitely be returning for more retreats with Sally. I felt immediately welcomed and at ease The classes were challenging and many modifications were offered. For someone with trouble focusing, the pace was perfect for the classes and guided meditations, and kept me in the moment. The food, wine and accommodations were wonderful and the setting was gorgeous. I could not have hoped for more." - Laura, Sept 2017

"Without a doubt, the August weekend retreat with Sally at Wilbur Hot Springs was wonderful. Although I am a yoga novice, I felt that she was cognizant of all our skill levels and adjusted her instructions accordingly. The combination of the food, positive energy and location made it a good reward for a stressful week." - Rhodora, August 2017

"Sally is an amazing yoga instructor. You know she's in expert when she can show you every move perfectly while instructing us on how to do it. Absolutely wonderful retreat. I'd love to attend another when the wallet allows me to do so." - Anonymous, August 2017

"Amazing experience for me personally. My first Yoga retreat and it was very relaxing, everything was lovely...especially all the beautiful women inside and out. Everybody was supportive, loving and introspective. I shared a room with a lovely woman, it was very comfortable and my first roommate in many years! Sally our Yogi and leader is amazing in many ways. She is compassionate and a fabulous teacher. The food was very clean, gluten free, fresh and plentiful. Can't wait to go again! Thank you to everybody that participated." - Lisa, June 2017

"The Spring Equinox Body Flows Retreat at Mayacamas Ranch lived up to all of my expectations. The location was breathtaking, and the staff was amazing. And the food! -Nourishing and delicious. Sally was a great instructor and leader. Her classes were challenging, yet not intimidating. We had women of all skill levels present, and Sally was sure to demonstrate several modifications so that each person received a personalized experience and felt empowered in their flow. She was also very knowledgeable about the local area and local wines. She definitely went out of her way to make a connection with each one of us -even with a large group of 44 women. I really appreciated Sally's attention to detail when creating the flow practices, as we focused on a particular area of the body during each class. I would be thrilled to attend her classes even outside of retreats if I lived in the Sonoma area. I am already looking into the upcoming retreats and hope to bring a friend or two along for the next experience!" - Lauren, March 2017

"Really wonderful way to spend a weekend! Sally is fantastic and you can't beat the location. If you love yoga, wine tasting, and meeting new people this retreat is for you!" - Maddie, March 2017

"THANK YOU for another fantastic yoga retreat. You have a special talent in bringing people together and helping us to feel great during and after our get-away. Loved every minute." - Jo, March 2017

"Sally's Yoga retreats are truly a "reset" experience for us Yoginis who live very busy, stressful and active lives. Sally creates a very inspirational atmosphere, both physically with the locations she chooses AND supportive of any level of Yoga practice; spiritually, and offers a lovely sense of needed community and genuine guidance and caring. She is one of a kind. - Kathy, March 2017

"I had a fabulous weekend. I've applied what I learned in the ChiWalking/ChiRunning classes to my skating and the pain in my hip has disappeared! Amazing! Thank you so much!" - Susie, March 2017

"Sally's Body Flows Yoga Retreat at Westerbeke Ranch got me to shut my brain off (an intention set at the beginning of the weekend and was quickly realized!) and relax after months of stressing and overthinking. Can't wait to book another retreat in Sonoma and beyond! Sally's excellent communication and organization made my time effortless. At first I thought I'd be intimidated by the word "running" in the title and description of the retreat, but I quickly learned that between Sally, Caitlin, and Deana, there were modifications to suit everyone. Today when I got back to my office I had a smile on my face and sore muscles--in the best way, as well as be more prepared to take anything on! Thank you again for an amazing experience!" - Livi, March 2017

"Thank you so much for the wonderful retreat. We sure did enjoy the gift of Yoga, Meditation and stillness. This was so so so appreciated. YOU did an amazing job as a facilitator. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Namaste!" - Caroleanne, Hawaii, Feb 2017

"I had the privilege of participating in a Yoga and Wine Retreat with Sally Mitchell in Calistoga CA. I went into the weekend hoping to reconnect to my yoga practice and spend time with my girlfriend. I left the weekend with SO MUCH more. I connected with 30 amazing women, Sally was the perfect host, and the setting was spectacular. I will keep the energy of the weekend with me, hopefully, forever! So, so grateful for the time spent on this retreat. Sally asked us what might she change in an effort to improve the retreat, and I can honestly say nothing. It was perfect!" - Jennifer Thomas, Dec 2016

"The location and accommodations were great and the yoga classes were terrific- a perfect balance of being challenging and then recovery. Sally was a fantastic teacher - warm and friendly and a terrific instructor! Can't wait to attend another retreat with Sally!!" - Maureen, Dec 2016

"This was my first yoga retreat and my first with Sally, it was a fantastic experience! I definitely will be attending more in the future. Sally truly blessed us with her spirit, knowledge and generosity of practice!!!" - Sandy, Dec 2016

"The perfect weekend get-away. Felt refreshed from the serene location, nourishing meals, and nurturing yoga/meditation sessions. Will definitely recommend to others, and come back!" - Jo, Dec 2016

"A wonderful, fulling, and enriching weekend!" - Rachel, Dec 2016

"Sally ran a terrific retreat, my first introduction to Yoga. Wonderful group of people, lots of great conversations and delicious meals. Sally took care of all the details! Best of all, an increased feeling of peace." - David Rubinfeld, Nov 2016

"Thank you very much for your hard work, dedication and kindness! I loved the retreat and felt very zen afterwards! You are a great yoga teacher, giving different options allowing for anyone to adapt their practice! And something that is very rare, the special diet meals where absolutely delicious (I would even suggest having the option to get the recipes if possible)! I think the rain was adding to the cozy feeling around the fireplace. I enjoyed discovering the wines and having the option to get a massage!" - Florence, Nov 2016

"Sally's yoga retreats are truly divine! I found support, comfort and love at every bend of this journey. I will forever hold my retreat in my heart. Thank you for showing me it's never too late to change your life!" - Margarita, Nov 2016

"This was my first yoga retreat and the experience has been amazing! The people I met were wonderful and kind. Sally is a fantastic teacher. She is passionate about her sessions and incredibly helpful. I have learned so much from her and would definitely come back in the future!" - Annie, Nov 2016

"Sally's yoga retreat was the perfect way to relax after Thanksgiving and to get away from the consumerism that tries to take over our lives!" - Anonymous, Nov 2016

"I just came back from a great weekend with Sally Mitchell the founder of Body Flows. I'm an avid traveler and attend many retreats. Sally's attention to detail was awesome. From the accommodations to the menu and of course the classes. We had two Yoga classes a day, a few hikes were in play and Sally brought in massage therapists, and we had a wonderful wine tasting session. The ranch is set not too far from Sonoma a hop skip and a jump so you are able to leave the property for a little sight seeing as well on the free time. The women were great. I wish Sally lived on the East Coast. I would be at her retreats once a month. I'm definitely coming back to the ranch and I'm still contemplating Hawaii." - Karen, Nov 2016

"So wonderful to spend a weekend with Sally and so many like minded people sharing yoga, running, hiking, laughter and meaningful conversation." - Nancy, Nov 2016

"I enjoyed this retreat a lot! I thought the teacher's instructions during class were precise and easy to follow. Her energy was positive, and she was very skilled at leading a multi-level class. The positive intentions at start of class were great and really got me into a good mental space. I would definitely attend another retreat from this instructor." - Rebecca, Nov 2016

"Sally is just the best yoga instructor!! Works a group well, super organized! the 2 Day retreat was the best thing I did all year! I feel rejuvenated!!! Also you must get a massage from her." - Anonymous, Nov 2016

"Had a great time!! Food was fantastic, yoga was wonderful. Loved the retreat!! Beautiful spot. Great group of people. Thank you Sally for a great experience!" - Brooke, Oct 2016

"The yoga retreat was absolutely everything that I hoped it would be. Sally, you are a wonderful teacher. I liked the way you focused on different areas for each class. The classes were perfect from anyone from beginner to advanced. I especially appreciated the yin yoga class after the two previous ones because I was so sore. I found the longer meditations sessions so relaxing. The massage was wonderful and the hot tub too, both great for helping the muscle soreness. I loved the food with all the different choices and the wine tastings. The site was so beautiful and peaceful. It was so nice to get away from my day to day life. I really enjoyed meeting all the other participants and we had some good therapeutic conversations!" - Alison, Oct 2016

"My sister and I were looking for a place where we could unwind, connect with each other, and rejuvenate. I felt like this retreat was perfect for all of that. I even enjoyed the rain as part of the memory! The scenery was breathtaking. There was a natural flow to the weekend that kept us moving from yoga to excellent food, hiking and massage, and of course the wine was great. No complaints!" - Jenny, Oct 2016

"Body Flows Yoga and Sally provided an experience for me to grow emotionally and in my yoga practice. The hustle and bustle of everyday life desensitizes us from the universe. Mindfulness helps to connect us to the wonders of the world. I felt this weekend connected me back to the present. Thank you from the center of by heart chakra." - Diane, Sept 2016

"What a Beautiful Location for a Retreat! The Food was Amazing, and our Rustic Accommodations was an Adventure. Sally guided us through Blissful Meditation and Yoga Practices in a serene environment.This retreat challenged and nourished my soul! I felt a great sense of Community on this retreat and Thank You Sally, for making this retreat so personalized and special to each and every one of us." - Jessica, Sept 2016

"The Body Flows yoga retreat at Lotus Feed Farm provided a much needed break and reset from hectic everyday life. Sally was amazing - providing just the right amount of different types of yoga and meditation to make the weekend relaxed and full of time to self reflect. The weekend taught me more about myself and about other amazing people in a very short time. The lessons I learned have stayed with me as I re-entered normal work and home life. I feel calmer and more content. I recommend Body Flows and Sally's retreats to anyone that needs time away to balance your life." - Anne, Sept 2016

"I can't recommend this retreat enough! Sally is a wonderful host and yoga teacher. The pace of the retreat was just enough so that you felt like there was enough to do, but you had just as much time to relax and take in the beauty of Mayacamas Ranch. Wine tasting as the end of each night was the perfect way to end the day and get to know the rest of the group. Wonderful experience." - Tena, Aug 2016

"This trip was exactly what I needed! Restorative, Energizing, and Spiritual. Sally is wonderful! I would definitely go back to Mayacamas Ranch, the team is friendly, the land is gorgeous and the food was outstanding!" - Sabrina, Aug 2016

"Mayacamas Ranch is a wonderful, quiet place for a yoga retreat. Panoramic views throughout the entire property. The food was fabulous and the rooms, quite comfortable. Sally is the real deal! I'll definitely book another retreat through her." - Alana, Aug 2016

"Thank you, Sally, for sharing your many gifts with us. Your insight, wisdom and gentleness are so appreciated and so needed in the world today, at both the personal and global level. With deepest gratitude." - Michelle, Aug 2016

"Awesome weekend with Sally and all the guest. Loved our yoga sessions and hiking. The accommodations were great, comfy beds, quiet atmosphere, great views in the valley. Food was really good blend of salads, proteins, vegan & gluten free options. Presentation & service just great. Loved the energy." - Lottie, Aug 2016

"This trip was exactly what I needed! Restorative, Energizing, and Spiritual. Sally is wonderful! I would definitely go back to Mayacamas Ranch, the team is friendly, the land is gorgeous and the food was outstanding!" - Sabrina, Aug 2016

"I can't say enough about the weekend retreat at Mayacamas Ranch!! The yoga was physically challenging yet very relaxing emotionally and physically. Will definately be back again soon!" - Gina R, Aug 2016

"Such a great experience! Just enough yoga combined with fun and free time. Loved the addition of wine tasting, made it really easy to get to know the group of amazing ladies. Thanks for such a great time!" - Tracy, Aug 2016

"Sally's Yoga and Wine Retreat is a 'must do' for anyone looking to have a magical, nourishing, and grounding weekend away!" - EJ, Aug 2016

"This is my second Body Flows Retreat, and I enjoyed it more than the first. I'm looking forward to a third retreat with Sally!" - Pat, Aug 2016

"I didn't know what to expect as I had never participated in a yoga retreat nor had I taken a yoga class from Sally. The retreat far exceeded my expectations. I loved the venue, the food was delicious, the yoga was a great blend strength and restorative and the hikes were in beautiful locations where you could go at your own pace. I would highly recommend Body Flows retreats and Sally as an instructor." - Renee, June 2016

"I had an amazing weekend, thank you. The experience was wonderful. If anyone is even thinking about doing this, they should stop thinking and just do it! The Mayacamaras Ranch was so beautiful and peaceful. Sally is a lovely person and a great yoga instructor who was able to lead many different levels. The food was wonderful, the wine tasting and laughter were flowing. I met so many lovely people and created friendships that are for sure to last. I cant wait to sign up for another retreat." - Sheila, Feb 2016

"Sally Mitchell's Body Flows retreat was an amazing experience for me. It was a perfect blend of relaxation, personal reflection, yoga, great food, and connection with others. I will absolutely book other retreats with Body Flows! I went for the yoga and came home feeling the perfect amount of body soreness but completely rejuvenated by Sally's program and the lovely people I met." - Tamara, Feb 2016

"Overall experience was awesome!! I attended the yoga retreat by myself and with a lot of stress from my job. I left stress free and with 4 new friends! I made a pact to myself that I would attend Body Flows yoga retreat at least once a year! Thank you Sally." - Anonymous, Feb 2016

"This was my 2nd yoga retreat with Sally and I'm already looking forward to attending another one in the near future. I brought my daughter with me for the first yoga retreat and she was the youngest yogi at the retreat (she was 21 at the time) and I was probably the oldest. The great thing is it doesn't matter what age or fitness level you are because Sally does a great job explaining the poses and it works for all levels. I brought my daughter because I love yoga so much and I wanted to share my love of it with her. She left with learning some great new poses and stretches to help her with some old soccer injuries, access to a professional mentor to help her in her career as she finished college and had a great time since she was able to partake in the wine tasting since she had just turned 21! She was super jealous when I went alone to the 2nd yoga retreat and is already talking about her next retreat with Sally/Body Flows. Along with meditation/yoga classes, hiking, and wine tasting...I loved leaving feeling rejuvenated and more inspired by meeting amazing women with common interests. The retreat overall helped me clear my mind and open up possibilities about what I want to do with my career in the future. And...the biggest bonus is that I have some amazing new friends outside of my existing network. I loved all of the yoga classes but I especially loved the Restorative Yoga class this time. I was able to truly meditate and clear my mind like I have never been able to before which was much needed. I know a lot of work goes into the planning of the retreats and it was flawless from the location, food, variety of yoga classes, hiking location and wine tasting. You are truly the Best, Sally. Thank you for sharing your expertise and passion of yoga!" - Debi, Feb 2016

"The retreat was such an amazing experience. You find yourself surrounded by great people, great food and great yoga sessions. Sally really puts together an unforgettable retreat, you won't have time to miss home at all. Thank you Sally and I hope to see you soon in another retreat!! Namaste." - Yalile, Dec 2015

"This was an amazing experience for me! The location was beautiful and the people working there were so nice. The food was amazing I wish they would give out their secret recipes. I'm a beginner yogi and Sally was so thorough and descriptive with her words I felt like a professional. I feel like the classes were a mix between yoga and meditation and I loved it. Sally made me feel comfortable and actually want to continue to take yoga classes after the weekend. The hike was beautiful! I'm glad we did the 2nd shorter one because I wasn't ready for it to be over. Wine tasting was delicious of course and all the ladies that attended were so friendly. I bought a bottle the second night. I would love to do a retreat with Sally again. Such a relaxing, cleansing weekend for me. I came back home a new person." - Chelsea, Dec 2015

"Being a beginner I was a little self-conscious but these classes are wonderful for all levels. This was a wonderful retreat in an idyllic location with activities well planned. Thank you Sally for an inspirational experience." - Sandra, Dec 2015

"Good times had by all. Sally Mitchell is an accomplished yoga instructor. I recommend a Sally Mitchell retreat to anyone who wants to enjoy a weekend with other like minded yoga people. Sally creates an environment of yoga, meditation, fellowship and fun. I am looking forward to my next retreat. Hope to see you there. Namaste." - Connie, Sept 2015

"Sally is a very talented Yogi that makes you feel very comfortable and welcome. The Fall Equinox Retreat was a life changing experience for me. I feel more deeply connected to my inner voice. I was able to deepen my yoga and meditation practice. Above all I had SO much fun. We shared many laughs and bonded with a group of women that I possibly might have never crossed paths with." - Janette, Sept 2015

"An inspiring weekend with Sally, Deanna, and Caitlin and twenty amazing women from across the US. The ranch setting was serene and quiet and allowed for learning, self-discovery and new friends. Highly recommend!" - Patricia, Aug 2015

"The Chi Running Retreat is the fourth retreat I have attended by Sally. It was much needed to realign my body back into running without knee pain. What I love most about Sally's retreats are the amazing and relaxing locations away from my busy life. I feel I am gone for a week when it's been only a weekend. Sally meticulously plans each retreat to balance enough activities with enough time for relaxation. I love that all the retreats are unique and different and held at different locations. Although I have not attended any other types of yoga retreats what I think makes Sally's retreats most unique is the sense of community. I have made amazing friends at her retreats. And the yoga always rocks!" - Elisa, Aug 2015

"Sally's Body Flow Retreats continue to amaze! I attended my 3rd in August 2015 and each has been a wonderful experience filled with great activities, people that I would love to know all my life and motivation for life." - Michelle, Aug 2015

The Body Flows Women's Summer Solstice Retreat was an amazing mix of connection, accomplishment, restoration, and fun. The CoLeaders Sally and Sunny were both perfectly suited to both the theme of the workshop and working with each other. They set the tone for relaxation, warmth, acceptance, and welcoming of the sun and all of the participants. I'm so glad I decided to go... I can't imagine any other decision now and I can't imagine not going again in the future." - Heidi, June 2015

"I'm forever grateful I stumbled upon your retreat online. Your ability to find a way to connect to me and each person you speak with is refreshing. I am so thankful for your compassionate way of listening, your ability to make even a 7am yoga class fun with your smiles. Wanted you to know how much fun I had, how healing it was to be with women of all ages coming together and expressing their own pain; I don't feel alone anymore and that’s the greatest gift I could ever ask for. I am already looking at the next retreat I can attend. I will be back, hoping for the September retreat depending on where my journey takes me. I hope you realize how many women you have helped, and how much positive energy, hope, laughter, and creativity you instill in people. You gave me hope and helped me find my smile again :)" - Heather, June 2015

"I attended the Recharge Retreat to celebrate my birthday and got so much more than I expected. I was hoping to relax and do lots of yoga, which I definitely did. But I also came home with a whole new set of skills to keep me balanced, happy, and stress-free once I returned home. The psychology workshop sessions were a surprising and very welcome aspect of the retreat. Kristen and Sally did such a great job to make all portions of the retreat comfortable, accessible, moving (physically and emotionally), and satisfying. I can't recommend this enough!" - Lily, May 2015

"Thanks again for your continuing energy and passion in these amazing weekend retreats. I have been to four of Sally's yoga retreats and each one has been amazing! The people I have met, the beautiful outdoor surroundings, the rejuvenating yoga, the delicious nutritious food geared to every level of dietary needs, and lastly, Sally's unwavering enthusiasm and passionate attention to make sure each and every detail is attended to. Highly recommend her retreats as an antidote to the busy, chaotic lives we all must periodically inhabit. Thanks Sally, and keep up the good work!" - Judy, Dec 2014

"Coming together and bringing a sound healing and yoga experience was like the crashing of two powerfully strong healing modalities that could be seen as canceling each other out into total stillness. Alongside the Winter Solstice theme and meditative circles, the sound healing complimented and deepened the healing experience. It was a pleasure to be involved, learning, and growing with everyone. Thank you Sally!" - Melissa, Dec 2014

"Thank you so much. Ever since the Fall Equinox retreat, I find myself spending a lot of time thinking about how wonderful of a time I had out there. I really appreciate you and all of the lovely people I met. Let me know when or if you know the date for the December retreat as I am happy to come back out!" - Jeris, Sept 2014

"I was so thrilled to attend Body Flow's Summer Solstice Retreat. Perfect location, schedule, facilities and a wonderful group of old and new friends. Loved the walks, meditation, yoga, drum circle, evening fire and celebration of the sun. Fantastic experience beginning to end, can't wait for the next one. Welcome Summer!" - Mary, June 2014

"Just enjoyed my second yoga retreat with Sally at Body Flows at Wildwood Retreat Center by Guerneville. It is amazingly well-organized and so refreshing. I enjoy Sally as a yoga instructor and love the atmosphere and friendships I have made at these retreats." - Susanna, June 2014

"Thank you to you both for an absolutely fabulous retreat! You guys worked really hard to put this all together for us and it was really obvious in all the details. I had an amazing time with all of your wonderful workshops. I met a lot of interesting fun people as well - what a bonus. I look forward to the June session with much anticipation. Thanks to both of you again for your amazing energy and abilities - it was such a pleasure!" - Judy, Feb 2014